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LPG and Anhydrous Ammonia Storage Tanks

For more than half a century Arcosa Industries has remained the world leader in the manufacture of Plant Tanks for LP gas and ammonia. These tanks are used both in distribution of LP gas plants, ammonia and special gases; same that have the Arcosa guarantee.

These tanks are manufactured under NOM009 SESH-2011 and the ASME Code.



We design and manufacture according to the customer’s specifications.

Saddles available under customer´s requirement.

Standard Capacities (Gallons):
3,434.23 4,755.09 5,547.61 7,660.98 11,095.22 14,265.29
17,435.35 20,077.07 24,568.00 29,058.92 29,999.90 33,021.50
39,625.80 46,230.10 52,834.41 59,967.05 66,043.01 99,999.95

Data sheet

Esquema Ingles Tanques de Planta rev-00
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